Brand Sauced is your dedicated marketing team. We know every restaurant and food business needs marketing to succeed and grow, so we made marketing affordable and easy. 


Brand Sauced is a marketing agency headquartered in Vancouver, servicing Canada and Australia.  Our work in Vancouver, Brisbane and Melbourne focuses on building and supporting brands within the hospitality and food industry.

Attie O’Rourke, the founder and director of Brand Sauced, has over a decade of experience in branding, marketing, social media and communications in the restaurant, coffee, franchise and hospitality industries. We believe every start up can succeed with the right marketing. We're driven by marketing, our results will show you why.


We're your marketing team

We're a team, and we consider ourselves your team too! Headed up by Founder Attie O'Rourke, Brand Sauced consists of talented marketers that love supporting businesses like yours.

 Our talent pool is flexible meaning the expertise you require for even the most niche or unusual project is always available. We love what we do. After all we are passionate about marketing, small business and food and coffee. Clearly we found a fit!


Founder and Director, Attie O'Rourke

attie o'rourke

Attie O'Rourke
Founder and Director

my kitchen rules

Attie celebrating a successful sponsorship with  My Kitchen Rules contestants, Helen, Simon and Meg

Melbourne, Australia

The short version - Attie O’Rourke, has over a decade of experience working with restaurants, coffee, franchise and food. She started her career in the food industry, and has never left. From working as a barista through to supporting a brand's global expansion, she's seen big and small, old and new but knows that one thing always matters, marketing.

Attie is passionate about helping all businesses access marketing, including start ups. Her mission as the founder and director of Brand Sauced is to help businesses succeed, thrive and grow through marketing.

The long version - Born in Melbourne, Australia, amongst a vibrant coffee scene, Attie attended high school and university in Brisbane, where the sun shines bright and the leaves stay green. Throughout her university days Attie worked as a barista and waitress as well as in food production, often running between both jobs in the same afternoon. From pouring lattes to packaging hampers she couldn't get enough of the food industry and the community within it.  

Soon after graduating Attie landed her first marketing role at the then booming Australian chicken franchise, Lenard’s. This role saw her nurtured into marketing with an emphasis on helping small business owners succeed. Looking back she states chatting to business owners about local marketing more exciting than publishing a company cookbook, surely a sign of things to come. 

Attie then spent over six years leading the hospitality marketing division for equipment funder, and now certified B-Corp, Silver Chef during a period of rapid growth. From big campaigns including television commercials on MasterChef and sponsorships with My Kitchen Rules right through to helping a small coffee shop with a video case study or a poster. A key highlight was writing a published book 'Starting a Restaurant For Dummies' which soon became a valuable tool for small business owners dreaming of starting a restaurant or cafe. 

During this time Silver Chef expanded into New Zealand and Canada, of which the Canadian launch clearly planted a seed for a move this side of the Pacific. Attie and her partner moved to Vancouver and fell in love with both the lifestyle and business opportunities. Where were all the bakeries? You call that a coffee machine? Wait, 50cm of snow falling on Whistler? Grab the skis. 

Lifestyle aside, from her viewpoint the opportunities in coffee and hospitality within Canada were endless. Having witnessed firsthand the boom in Brisbane’s coffee and hospitality scene seven years prior, she felt she was in a time machine watching Vancouver’s food scene grow.  From here, Attie launched Brand Sauced.

After four successful and exciting years living in Vancouver, Attie is now back living in Brisbane carrying the same mission, to help business owners launch and succeed through marketing.

Attie is an exceptionally savvy and innovative marketer who is always seeking new ideas to drive results for the business. She has a solid understanding of online strategies. It was a pleasure to work with someone who is so thorough, efficient, warm and professional.

Nathalie Cole, Search Manager of PHD

Attie is one of the most passionate and capable marketers I know. She's very switched on and is able to grasp complex topics very quickly - especially in the digital marketing space - which allows her to drive results. To top it off she's a pleasure to work with.

Robert Kingston, Director of Mint Metrics

Attie is a very talented individual who has provided some of our best marketing campaigns that have played a significant part in the growth of the company. Her appetite to learn and apply social media skills to build awareness for our brand has been terrific. She was so very highly thought of by all who had the pleasure to work with her.

Allan English, Chairman of Silver Chef

We support communities and social enterprises near and far.

Near - We give back locally by offering discounted marketing packages and support to not-for-profits and social enterprises. We have close to a decade of experience in social marketing campaigns including disaster relief, distracted driving, disadvantaged youth and community club engagement.

Find out more about how we can help your social enterprise, charity or not-for-profit generate bigger outcomes, touch more lives and change the world for the better through marketing. 


Far - Our passion for helping start ups is visible in our support for Opportunity International, who offer microfinance loans to small businesses in the developing world. By not only providing the start up finance, but also the tools and education start up businesses thrive, grow and give back to their own communities. Like us, they believe that start ups can succeed with the right tools. 

To date, Brand Sauced has donated 62 hours of marketing, design and event support to Opportunity International. 



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We support businesses near and far. We don't believe that geographic boundaries should define or limit your marketing success.

We have the tools to support your business wherever you are! Why not get in touch and find out how far we'll go.